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~ Christi S Art

Educational Links:

Evironmental/Conservation Links:

  • Climate Cycle –
    Providing environmental education and encouraging students to “green their world.”
  • Conservation International
    Protecting natuare by finding big-picture solutions for global problems.
  • Ducks Unlimited
    The leader in wetland and waterfowl conservation worldwide.
  • Ecology Project International‎ –
    A nonprofit educational organization focusing on conservation and promote science education fostering student-scientist partnering.
  • Gulf Specimen Marine Lab –
    Started by Jack Judloe the marine lab is located in Panacea, FL and has devoted resources to saving and studying endangered marine animals such as the Ridley Kemp sea turtle.
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
    Providing grants to protect and restore our nation’s fish, wildlife, plants and habitats.
  • Mule Deer Foundaiton –
    Ensuring the conservation of mule deer, black-tailed deer and their habitat.
  • Ocean Conservancy
    Fighting for healthy oceans; why the ocean matters.
  • Pheasants Forever –
    Dedicated to the conservation of wildlife habitat through education and land management.
  • Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation
    Making a difference for wildlife one acre at a time.
  • The Nature Conservancy –
    To conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.
  • Trout Unlimited
    Works to keep our country’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds safe from environmental threats.
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service –
    Conserving the nature of America.
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
    Dedicated to saving wildlife and the wild places of the world.
  • World Wildlife Federation
    Helping to protect nature and be a voice for wildlife.

Health & Fitness:

  • Standup Journal Magazine –
    Standup Journal Magazine  is the world’s first magazine devoted to Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) writes about the sport’s lifestyle, adventure and culture
  • Wellness Mama –
    A blogging Website by Katie Wells that providea tips foe a natural approach to living and raising a healthy, happy family.
  • Yoga Journal Magazine –
    Yoga Journal Magazine, the number one authority on yoga for over 40 years provides information on how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle through the practice of yoga.

Travel Links: