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Hello Friend,
Welcome to ExploreCAT, which is essentially my digital library. I’m Christi, an active, over-50 stepmom of three and grandmother of four, who loves to ski, exercise, eat healthy, and travel. I like to learn and blog about what I learn and experience such as art & design.

Besides art & design this site also contains blogs about genealogy, travel, Website and tech info, as well as other subject matter of interest to me. Through this Website I hope to share my love for beauty, art & design, learning & information, genealogy, and travel.

I have focused on quality information that is not difficult to follow and worth viewing. My aim is to save you surfing time by previewing and categorizing quality information so you don’t have to.

Check back regularly for new information and sites continually added to my “online card catalog”. The information I’m learning about online can help you with solutions to your life’s questions as well. It’s never too late to upgrade your life-style to one that’s healthy, happy, informed, and creative.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time here and that you are able to find and take away something of value for you.

Professional Bio

Christi lives in Montana with her husband and cat. She holds a BS in Information Science, an MS in Library Science, and a Certificate of Web Design. She has worked in the past as an illustrator, graphics designer, and art editor for almost 2 decades. She has also worked in computer support for 10 years. She is now retired from the 9 to 5 world and is beginning to explore the world of fine art.

Here is what she says about her work:

“I have enjoyed creating art since childhood. I have also had an interest in photography since early adulthood. More recently I enjoy the beautiful Montana scenery where I live, and enjoy recording it through various mediums.

I find inspiration from the beauty of nature and all that surrounds me.
My hope is that you find as much joy in my work as I have had in creating them.” Christi

Christi is essentially self-taught and had primarily focused on drawing in black & white with ink and graphite drawings, which she employed in her illustrator/design jobs. Now that she is free to focus on her own designs she is exploring the world of color through different mediums related to drawing and painting as well as photography.

As she explores these new avenues of expression, she would like to share her experiences and knowledge with new artists, as well as to help established artists navigate their way into selling their art online.

Since there is so much great information online, she is using this site to provide and promote this wealth of information and to help make the world a better place by sharing what she and others have learned.

Both information and art can be very liberating, and she intends to inspire your creativity through the use of both.

Please take the time to explore this Website and come back to visit as often as you like.