May Day!

For Montana Spring doesn’t start on March 20th (most often instead of a date it is represented by signs such as the return of the Bluebirds).

In some cases though, no matter where you are it’s “Hello Spring and Welcome to allergy season!” … for many people spring means just that.

For me, someone who suffers from allergies year-round due an allergy to dust and mold, pollen isn’t a problem (for the most part); I can only wish that there was just one season for this annoyance.

For most allergy sufferers (whatever the cause) relief means taking an over-the-counter or prescription antihistamine, and though well-tolerated by most people they can be a problem for some. Beside the common complaint of drowsiness, they can also cause a dry mouth, dizziness, constipation, among other things.

Fortunately for those who can’t or don’t want to take antihistamines, there are other natural ways to ease the suffering. Some solutions include neti pots, locally harvested honey, apple cider vinegar, and more. Check out these and other natural solutions from Wellness Mama and then get out there and get that garden started!

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