Yellowstone National Park

One of my favorite places to visit is Yellowstone National Park.

Whether it is the geysers like Old Faithful Geyser or the famous hot pots there is a whole world to explore there.


Let’s not forget the ever-present wildlife, like the buffalo (bison) that at 5 o’clock seem to be all heading to clock out from their shift, or the other plentiful animals throughout the park.

My favorite time to visit is in wintertime when the crowds have all gone home and you can ride into this magical place by snow coach to cross country ski, snowmobile, or just explore by coach tours; the Old Faithful Snow Lodge is open through the end of February.

Everything is quiet then and the animals seem to all be in a world of their own.

I recommend a visit any time of the year…and if you can’t get there just now, you can visit my online Yellowstone Photo Gallery:
Yellowstone Photo Gallery

~ Christi S Art

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