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This Website is an online resource of information consisting of Links to other online sites that are of interest to and have been compiled by the site’s owner. They have been provided to help direct your online travels and exploration of the World Wide Web.

Chosen links provide a wealth of helpful information that will also aid in navigating your wider offline world. They have been personally reviewed by Christi and all have something special to offer. In our busy daily adventures it is often difficult to take the time to find the information that we both want and need, so it can be invaluable to have someone else take the time do it for you.

On this site the acronym letters CAT can stand for variety things, such as Christi’s Art Treasures (representing our Art Links section) or Charities, Awards & Tributes (representing our Giving Back section), etc. They can also represent an online catalogue similar to the old-style library card catalogue.

The main idea is to provide information as well as to promote those who are doing good things through an online venue.

Go ahead…Explore! You may find something amazing!! Above all have fun!!!
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